Finding what you want

Basically this site is centred around the 'Encyclopedia', which is an alphabetical listing of subjects which are addressed by one or more articles. There are two ways you can find what you are looking for. The first is by browsing the encylopedia. For example, say you wish to find out about the New World Translation Bible's rendering of 'John 1:1c'. You would go to the menu bar up top of every page and hover over 'Encyclopedia N-Z' and it will bring up letters from N-Z. Click on 'N'. This will list all major subjects beginning with N. Find New World Translation in the list. Under this heading will be a few different articles - one (or more) which will deal with John 1:1.

Alternatively, the second way of finding things is by using the Search box. Continuing with out example, you could simply type 'John 1:1' into the Search box (also at the top of every page) and it will list every page that mentions this.

Other than the Encylopedia, this site has some other useful features. They are all listed in the top menu bar along with the Encylopedia menus. Clicking on 'Home' takes you to the entrance page which has basic information and news, updates and information via the Editorial Team Blog. Clicking on 'Q & A' takes you to page of common questions asked by non-Jehovah's Witnesses and answers to them. Clicking on 'Forum' takes you to an interactive discussion where you can ask questions, get assistance or engage in conversation. Clicking on 'Links' will simply give a listing of interesting and related links. Clicking on 'Help' will lead you to this page for further assistance.

Getting further help

There are a few options for getting assistance with technical issues or apologetics and information issues:

  1. This help page.
  2. Visit the Forum and ask your question in the appropriate section
  3. Send an email to the Administrator at moc.liamg|orepsteoligiv#moc.liamg|orepsteoligiv.
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